Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project

Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP)

To enhance and strengthen the institutional capacity of the local government system in Kerala to deliver services and undertake basic administrative and governance functions more effectively and in a sustainable manner, the government of Kerala has formulated Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project. World Bank is acting as the funding partner of the programme.

State Institute of Rural Development is selected as the one among the Execution Support Agencies of KLGSDP programme. Our academic proficiency and previous experience in this scenario acted as the pushing factor in the selection process for execution Support Agency. Presently faculties are working under KLGSDP project to ensure quality service delivery in differentiated streams


Natural Resource Management

To enhance the service delivered by the support service agency KLGSDP is ready to render their support to the Natural Resource Management faculty of the institute. The NRM faculty is appointed under KLGSDP Scheme.


Social Audit

Social audit is envisaged as an outcome of KLSGDP project. We may use social audit as a tool to ensure high quality for public works undertaken in KLGSDP programme as well as the services delivered by Panchayath Raj Institutions. Through this practice we are able to equip the community to ensure the effective use of the fund. We are having a term leader and consultant for setting up social audit team in each and every ward in the state.  We are impleneting the programme in a cascading mode. To ensure the effective implementation of the project we are formulating District level and Block level resource teams and ward level social audit committe.  


District Level Resource Team (DLRT)

DLRT is a ten member committee constituted in district level to act as master trainers to train the Block Level Resource Team(BLRT). They also acted as the trainers for ward level committees in time of scarcity of BLRT. The DLRT members are retired hands, social workers and those who are interested to carry out social initiatives. SIRD providing ToT to these DLRT members and enhance their capabilities to carry out the training to lower level


Block Level resource Team (BLRT)

BLRT consisted of three persons from each Grama panchayath. According to the number of the Grama Panchayath in each block the size of the BLRT may change. BLRT members are normally persons who are pro active, socially committed and playing vital role in social development activities in their villages. We are considering the change agents of each Grama Panchayath for this team. We are using certain criteria to elect the BLRT members. They are the master trainers for Ward Level Social Audit Committees as well as act as the back supporters to carry out social audit in the wards.


Ward Level Social Audit Committee (WLSAC)

It is the grass root level community based structure, which has been constituted to conduct social audit in wards. Gramasabha is the electing body of Ward level Social Audit Committee. Minimum education qualification of the ward level social audit committee member is plus two. We are following certain criteria to select the WLSAC member. The minimum membership of WLSAC is 6 and maximum is 10. Among them one should know the accounting procedures. WLSAC is entrusted with the responsibility to conduct ward level social audit


Social Audit Manual

SIRD already developed a manual for the smooth implementation social audit process. The manual published on English as well as in Malayalam.