Hand Book - Bock Panchayat Administrations and Rural Development Programmes


Abstract:Kerala has a strong panchayat Raj System as compared to other states. Local Governance System plays an important role here by successfully supporting the daily life of common people. They are fully filling the development and welfare need of the people. So people of Kerala hope a lot from our local administrative systems. In this context Elected Representatives are actively participate in the day to day activities of public administration and welfare activities. For the purpose of active interventions among the newly elected representatives in the realm of public administration and social development, SIRD organized three day residential training progamme. For this purpose, SIRD published a hand book covering important areas including; Panchayat Raj Act & Rules and Public Administration, Roles and responsibilities of Block Panchayat, Decentralized Planning, Gender Perspective Planning, Finance Management, Audit, Public Works and Good Governance (Transparency and Accountability). This will support to enhance the knowledge and ability among the stakeholders.


Hand Book - Gender Budgeting

Abstract:Gender Budgeting is a powerful tool for achieving gender mainstreaming so as to ensure that benefits of development reach women as much as men. It is not an accounting exercise but an ongoing process of keeping a gender perspective in policy/ programme formulation, its implementation and review. Gender Budgeting entails dissection of the Government budgets to establish its gender differential impacts and to ensure that gender commitments are translated in to budgetary commitments.For the successful interventions and formation of Gender Budgeting is very essential to generate the knowledge and attitude of the Elected Representatives and Officials. For the purpose of this, SIRD organized three day training programme for newly elected representatives. As a part of a training progarmme SIRD published training hand book covering six areas like Gender Budgeting and PRIs, Gender Budgeting experiences, Decentralized Planning and Gender mainstreaming, Gender Perspective Planning and Gender Audit, etc.


Hand Book – Computer training (MS Office & Malayalam)

Abstract:As a part of the implementation of e-governance, SIRD conducted five days computer based training programme for elected representatives and officials of Block Panchayat. Through this training programme participants will be able to operate computer and browsing internet, etc. And it will help to accelerate the implementation of e-governance process in their panchayat. M S Office, Word, Word Processing, Excel, Power Point, Internet Browsing, etc. are the Major content included in this book.


Manual: Social Audit

Abstract:Social Audits are now widely accepted as an important mechanism that allows people to enforce accountability and transparency in government service delivery. It provides the end users an opportunity to scrutinize the procedures and benefits of development initiative. Since social audit is an emerging concept in good governance, its concepts, approaches, strategies and adaptable methodologies need to be propagated and percolated. Thus, there is a need for a social audit Manual to provide a clear set of guideline to carryout and sustain the process of social audit. SIRD, Kerala was given the task of preparing a social audit manual under the Kerala State Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGDSP). Social Audit Manual and Tool kit have been prepared with the intention to provide guidance and insight into using social audit under the auspicious of the Local Self Government Institutions. The manual cum tool kit which is of two sections elaborates the concept and approaches of social audit, strategies that can be adopted, process and procedures, social audit committee formation and responsibilities, information gathering for social audit, social audit follow up activities and tool kit.