Rashtriya Grama Swaraj Abhiyan


Rashtriya Grama Swaraj Abhiyan  (RGSA)

The basic objective of RGSA is to strengthen the Panchayati Raj system and address critical gaps that constrain it.  In Kerala, which has a strong decentralisation process, there is need to enhance the capacities of the functionaries and bring out in innovations in the governance system.  SIRD, Kerala is one the partner agencies in the task of capacity building of PR functionaries. 

Programme Management Unit

For proper monitoring and organisation of the programmes under RGSA,a programme Management Unit was set up in SIRD. The details of PMU are furnished below



Area of Specialisation


Smt. Sherine Chacko

Specialist in Social Work 


Dr.Amruthraj R. M

Specialist in Women Studies


Sri Muhammad Shemeer. S

Clerical Assistant cum Accountant








Block Level Resources Centres under RGSA

The BRC shall be located in the office of the Block Panchayat. The cost for setting up Block Resource Centres would be Rs. 11, 20,000 per Block Panchayat.  This would include Rs. 10 lakhs for infrastructure and other equipment and Rs.  1,20,000 towards salary of the Block Resource Coordinator.  The total cost towards setting up Resource Centres would be Rs. 5.6 crores.   50 Block Panchayats were selected for setting up of Block Resource Centres

Virtual Class Rooms Under RGSA

Under RGPSA, the government is setting up 28 Virtual Class Rooms in all the districts at the rate of two per district.  Apart from this, five trainer nodes will be set up in various stations.  SIRD, Kerala is one of the institutions identified for setting up the trainer node for undertaking capacity building through distance mode.